Bob Montague
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The Might be Bangladears sind:

Bob Montague

Frank Niessen

Joachim Roederer

Glyn Davies Marshall


Performance :

 "Jihad & Sectarianism"

(Honi soit qui mal i pense ---

· It´s all about sharing)


Performance Dauer: ca. 1 Stunde

Beginn 20 Uhr, 22. November 2002


The performance is about the holy wars and the ridiculous situation in Belfast,

where catholics and protestant are still killing each other week in week out.
Makes one think about the role of the churches, it seems that world wide  most wars are caused by religous unrest.

Should one question what it means when one reads,

 "We are all god´s children"?

Maybe one should add,

 "But you are a nigger?".

 Crazy World.

--------------- Greets Bob